Supporting WHOOP users to reach their goals with personalized tracking and coaching feedback.

Project Details



My Role

Lead UX Designer and Researcher


2 UX Designers

4 Web Developers

Project Type

24 Hour Industry Challenge


Figma, Jira


iOS app

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What is WHOOP?

WHOOP is a tool that allows individuals to unlock their greatest potential so they can perform at their highest level. WHOOP provides personalized insights to help you maintain and balance your Recovery, Strain, and Sleep.

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The Problem Space

WHOOP and its users have seen the tremendous benefits of its wearable technology product.

How can we help even more people to unlock the benefits of understanding what their bodies are trying to tell them?

How might we inspire individuals at any stage of their health and wellness journey to reach their goals via WHOOP’s personalized tracking and coaching feedback?
Design Process

We had 24 hours to design a feature that aligned with WHOOPs' goals, branding, and existing features to solve their current problem.


The design methodology that was followed was a modified Design Sprint framework. With the knowledge (and slight panic) that this was to be defined, designed and developed within 24 hours, our team laid out our plan as to how we could divide our time.

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