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Hello! Bonjour!

My name is Minija, and I'm a prototype.

Well, what do I mean by that?

With what started off as a sketch of myself, I exhibited an interest in graphic design and taught myself the skills necessary to freelance and create social media content for various local non-profit groups. As my educational path continued, I delved into psychology and cultural anthropology. Comparing and contrasting the microcosm, that is the human mind, and the macrocosm of communities and cultures, has allowed me to seek ways to understand humans in various lenses. 


Craving creativity yet always ethnographically observing others, my interests converged to form the wireframe of myself. 


Taking a UX Design bootcamp and gaining the skills to contribute to the design world, allowed me to become a prototype that will allow me to further be given the opportunity to practice my unique experience, and make myself into a solid product. 


Best products are designed with adaptability and accessibility in mind, in this way I aim to be such a designer. 


I am still working on becoming my own end product, by observing, reflecting and creating. 

Available for contracts from June 2022.